Pelican Scoop™
Fruit Tree Rake

One Tool. One Motion.

The Pelican Scoop™ is the new, easy way to pick up fallen fruit. This fruit tree rake is an essential tool for any fruit tree owner or orchard operation. The patented Pelican Scoop™ combines the scooping power of a shovel, and the collecting capabilities of a rake, and the holding power of a basket.

Instead of slowly picking up each piece of fruit one by one, the Pelican Scoop™ allows you to collect your fallen fruit with just one sweep. Simply by pulling the Pelican Scoop™ apple rake across the ground, fruit is scooped up and held in.

The basket is specifically engineered to keep the fruit from rolling out easily and it glides through grass and weeds with ease!

Picking up fallen fruit is the single most important thing you can do to prevent insects and pests and produce fruit you'd actually want to eat.

If you are looking for an easier way to collect fallen fruit from your trees, the Pelican Scoop™ is the one-motion tool for you.